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Tech enthusiast and growth hacker. PR and Growth Hacker at Hueval (


  • Cryptozoa


    Writer for, Altcoin Magazine, The Startup,,, et al.

  • Davide Mantesso

    Davide Mantesso

    I love economics, tech, customers, human relationships, Meta, Crypto, and many other things. I believe human beings are wonderful.

  • Jason Nieves

    Jason Nieves

  • Ford buckley

    Ford buckley

    My love for you is always as big as the sea.

  • Pierre BOHRER

    Pierre BOHRER

    Architect designer

  • Stephen Moon

    Stephen Moon

    CEO of performance nutrition company. Executive coach. Startup investor. Generally curious. London based.

  • Joe Psotka

    Joe Psotka

    Joe is a bricoleur, trying to understand the complexity of the place of values in a world of facts, using only common sense.

  • Төгс Хүчит Бурханы хайр

    Төгс Хүчит Бурханы хайр

    Tийм учраас Төгс Хүчит Бурханы Чуулганы сонгогдсон бүх хүмүүс Төгс Хүчит Бурханд залбирч, Түүнийг дагаж, Түүнд дуулгавартай байж, шүтэн мөргөдөг

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